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Hangzhou yi lu biont technology Co., LTD Main product:
Company Profile
Name:Hangzhou yi lu biont technology Co., LTD
Trade Category: Lab/Research institutions
Registered Time:
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Address: Hangzhoushi HuafengRoad Yicheng3Building1001room.

Hangzhou yi lu biological technology Co., LTD. was founded in 2011, which is a high-tech company specializing in customized chemical synthesis and R&D of pharmaceutical intermediates and new drugs. The company is mainly engaged in customized synthesis of complex small molecule frameworks and pharmaceutical intermediates, and independent R&D of innovative new drugs; and provides services of production technology improvement and consigned new drug development for pharmaceutical enterprises. We also provides service of pharmacokinetic studies of ADME,Bioanalysis in preclinical and clinical, Bioequivalence studies and supplies relative products.

The company is now headquartered in Hangzhou, and has production base in Zibo city of Shandong, has office in Hongkong and Guangzhou. Its Shanghai Branch Office nearly 200 square meters of operation premises, including a total of over 150 square meters of synthesis laboratories (equipped with a variety of R&D laboratory equipment, able to develop lots of new drugs at the same time) and We have set up 50L and 100L reaction kettle, which lay speedy and stable foundation for process amplification and production of superior products, and ensure growing customer demand and smooth commercial production. The company has established good cooperative relationships with Zhangjiang Public Service Platform and Shanghai Mediclon Inc. In which we conveniently use their NMR, mass spectrometry, LC-MS, single crystal diffraction and other precision instruments for test purpose. The company's existing instruments and equipment are fully capable of meeting the production need of project industrialization. Paying attention to introducing and fostering professional and technical personnel, the company has a group of vigorous and well-trained young employees, and strong technical R&D forces. Haoyuan Chemexpress has established a preliminary new system covering research and development, production and sales. Based on advanced equipment and strict management, the company provides high-quality products and services for every customer sincerely.

Over the years, Hangzhou yi lu biological technology Co., LTD . has made tremendous progress in Chinese API industry. Everything originates from Innovation and is for customers. We understand your needs, and will make every effort to achieve a new round of technological breakthrough and provide you with new technical methods. We help you overcome technical bottlenecks and make China's API production technology catch up the world level.